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Telkwa, British Columbia (Green Flash Lights Up The Entire Night Sky)

Posted: February 17, 2008

Date: November 29, 2007 Time: Between 7:00 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Telkwa, B.C. email from a witness reporting what he and his son saw the night sky light up green, also his email to Environment Canada and their response below.

Location of Sighting: Near the Field and Stream Trailer Court. Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 0 (no objects witnessed, just bright green flash) Shape of objects: The whole sky lit up.

Full Description of event/sighting: My son and I were driving back to Telkwa when we saw the clear night sky flash dimly green. We didn't see any objects, but after talking with (friends name removed), he told me what he read on your site. So I thought that I would check it out. I have written to environment Canada, with the hope that they could explain it as a natural thing. Anyway, I just thought that I would add what I saw. When I was a kid I saw this once before, but at that time it was snowing and everything lit up green. I didn't hear thunder when I saw it that time so I knew that it wasn't an electrical storm. Anyways, I hope that Environment Canada will have some answers. Bye for now.

The witness who observed the flash of green light did receive a short reply from Environment Canada which is given below.

Subject: RE: Environment Canada (Inquiry, other, green flash in the sky, BC) Ser: J1130ZOXWF Date: Mon, 3 Dec 2007 06:46:53 -0500 From: To: (HBCC UFO Research has removed the witnesses email address here) CC:

Hello (name removed),

Thank you for sending your request to Environment Canada. Meteorologically, there is nothing that can explain the green flash you saw last night. The only thing I can think of would be a fireball (meteorite) passing over your area (or even exploding as it passed over the region).

Yours truly,

Bernard Duguay. Meteorological Inquiry Specialist. MSC National Inquiry Response Team. Environment Canada.

I also found out while looking into this case that a disk shaped craft was observed by two witnesses from their job site. Also reports of UFO's coming in and out of Babine Lake. Not to mention a possible missing time case I have now heard about as well. This all happening in and around Granisle, British Columbia. Other witnesses observed a bright UFO hovering over a person's home in the Houston, B.C. area, this witnessed by a number of neighbors.

Over the years HBCC UFO Research has received some pretty amazing sighting reports from this general area. Is it the mineral from the mines that may be an attraction, or the huge body of water - Babine Lake. I guess one could speculate, but I am sure no answers would be easily found.

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