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30 Minutes West Of McBride, British Columbia Unidentified Creature ?

Posted: February 17, 2008

Date: December 2007

HBCC UFO Research would like to request that if anyone might have some ideas of what this creature may have been, would you please write to me with your ideas. I have lived here all of my life, or in B.C. and heard of some strange stories of unusual animals roaming the McBride, British Columbia area, but haven't personally received an eyewitness account.

My wife's uncle was on his way home from Fort MacMurray to meet up with the rest of his family for Christmas and saw a strange animal approx. 30 min west of McBride. After he described it to me, I said "ok, what's the punchline" but he assured me that what he saw was real (he studied it for 25min or so) and had only mentioned it to me as he is very curious as to what he saw and knows that I spend a great deal of time in the outdoors. I told him I would put the description on HBCC and see what kind of ideas would be presented (I was drawing a blank.)

Here's the story. He said it was pretty snowy, so he was driving slow, and noticed an animal on the shoulder of the road. Thinking it was a moose, he came to a stop and couldn't believe what he saw. At approximately 20 feet in front of his truck was a big black bear sized animal (roughly 400 lbs or so) with a shape similar to that of a huge wolf. It was black with white or silver tips along his back and had hair that he guessed would be at least a foot long. He had about a 3 to 4 foot long tail that was roughly a foot in diameter and was very fluffy. He had a dark brown, oval, blunt face with rounded ears similar to a bear but had strange teeth clearly visible outside of its' gums. It had a very pronounced shoulder hump and a swayed back, long legs and stood roughly 4 to 5 feet at the shoulder and was approx. 8 feet long (overall length). He said the feet (and tracks as he later investigated) were sort of a mix between a bear and a wolf and had very large claws - larger than any grizzly he had ever seen and were widely spaced.

He said that it moved so slowly across the road to the opposite ditch that the whole process took around 25 minutes. He said it was really "sloth" like. Unfortunately he didn't have a camera so he has no evidence of what he saw.

I jokingly asked what he had been smoking prior to his road trip (even though he is not that type) but he assured me that he was fully coherent and was not making the story up. He has lived all over Canada, is an avid hunter, has seen 200+ pound wolves in the Yukon, numerous grizzlies, black bears, cougars etc. but couldn't even come close to identifying what species this creature was.

Anyway, I was stumped. I've held up my end of the bargain by posting the description on here so I will ask all of you what he asked me...."ever seen anything like that?"

Thank you to the person for the really interesting report.

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