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Boundary, British Columbia A Large Oval Shaped UFO Disappears Into The Mountain !

Posted: February 4, 2008

Date: November 29, 2007
Time: Between 4:30-5:00 a.m.

Hey Brian, I had a similar sighting of those occurring in BC last month, with my sighting taking place in the Boundary. I had awoken and went out for a smoke. I did not feel groggy in anyway, and maybe that's why I had decided to smoke outside instead of the warmer smoking area we've got out there. Anyhow, as I stood taking in the beautiful night, my gaze caught these colored lights up in the eastern sky, not far up from the mountain range. There was red and green (it took me a sec to determine if it was green or blue). I noticed there were several, but to specify a number at this point would be purely speculation. I did notice with certainty that they were not moving, as I tried to determine whether they could be satellites or planes or what. I really didn't put much more thought toward them, as what I'd seen next had totally captured my full attention.

Midway down the mountain side was a large oval shaped glow. It sat horizontally, and appeared very close to the mountain itself. The mountain is facing south, so it's pretty sparse in the way of trees etc. It was quite light out, I guess due to the moon recently being full. I could see the mountain ridge clearly, and would say that the colored lights did not appear to be directly overhead of it, it'd have been just a little more to the west of them--at least from my perspective. This thing did not glow white; I thought of how I would describe it if asked, I would have to have said it was amber or golden, a definite yellowish glow for sure. The thing was not moving, it appeared totally stationary. If it was moving, it would've been moving REALLY slowly.

As I looked at this thing, many thoughts rushed through my mind. Other things people in this area have commented on seeing (different from how I would describe this), as well as your site and some of the UFO sightings reported (the long, almost rod-like light-emitting vessel). I had even quickly thought of the cow mutilation deals, and had realized that I didn't think there would be any (or many) pastures in that area--maybe mountain sheep and hoped that if there were that they would be alright! Immediately I thought of grabbing my binoculars, to see if I could spot whatever it was that I was seeing, but for some reason I felt like I would miss something if I left to go get them. I even wondered how long it'd been there before I spotted it. I figured I'd just stay & have another smoke before going in, and see if I could somehow settle myself down! I was still wondering what this thing could be.

My rational mind quickly had no answers. It was not a fire (there's a party spot in a different area-more to the west). Although I never thought it was a light used by the airport, I quickly checked out the surrounding mountains for the lights on them--none of them were on. Could it be a car, with something glaring off of it's windshield? Don't think so, it was light, but nothing bright enough to cause that! Maybe a car, parked, seeing the light from it's headlights? Nope, not even close. Then further east and lower I spotted what could've been a car, maybe a truck, traveling. Was it on the highway, maybe a back road? I secretly hoped someone else had seen this thing and was on their way to check it out. This thing was big.

I returned to watching this thing and questioned whether it had moved or was moving. Amazingly enough, or astoundingly, words can't accurately describe it, but I saw this thing disappear into the mountain. I really didn't know what the hell to make of it. It's not like I saw the mountain open up or reveal a tunnel or anything for it to travel into--it simply disappeared into it. It didn't rise to the sky, it didn't travel off left or right. It didn't vanish all at once. It was as if the "front" part of it entered the mountain with the rest of it following, the light disappearing as it went in. It was only a few seconds max, but slow enough to know it didn't just "turn off" or vanish entirely all at once. It was both incredible and freaky at the same time!

I waited for just a couple minutes more, just to see I guess if anything else were to happen. I had noticed the colored lights were still there, but in all honesty, I really didn't care at that point--they could have stayed there all night--my mind was still trying to process the whole mountain thing! I went in, with the thought that in the morning I should send you an email about it. I looked at the microwave, and think it said 4:38 (not 100% sure on that one) but made a mental note that it was between 4:30-5:00 am, looked on the calendar for the date, realizing that it was the night of Nov 28th, which would then actually make it to be the early hours of Nov 29th. I even thought about marking it on the calendar, but it's not always easy to find a pen-besides which, what the hell would I write? The whole experience was only about 20 minutes in total, but at that point, I really was feeling like I just needed to get myself grounded. So as I went to lie down, with my head still racing wildly, I just told myself that I would just keep the experience to myself at this point and wait and see if any confirmation came my way.

The next couple of days following the experience, it was greatly on my mind, but the timing wasn't there--as each time I thought about emailing you, something else was going on and the opportunity to do so just didn't present itself. Then I thought about it again here and there, but also remembered the confirmation bit again--and nobody was saying anything about it. Still thought I may send in something, because I couldn't just dismiss it altogether, but it seemed almost silly. I told myself to just let it go, but laughed at myself as well because I knew what I had experienced. As much as my rational mind may have wanted to chalk it up to something--what I don't know, I also knew that I wouldn't be able to forget about it--there would always be that part of me that would retain that event. I had to accept it for what it was, there was just no way I could ever get away from it. It was what it was, whatever it was...and I saw it.

Then what do ya know--one day a headline on Icke's page read something about UFO's in BC. Yep, that article on his page (and Rense's of course) presented me with the confirmation I'd asked for. Big thank you for the postings and to those who reported what they'd seen. YAY! for them. There are differences for sure in what we saw, but the similarities are huge.

Thank you to the witness for this wonderful and very interesting report.

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