Thursday, February 21, 2008

Gordon Head/Saanich, British Columbia Object Bobbing Around The Sky

Posted: February 21, 2008

Date: February 20, 2008
Time: 11:30 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Gordon Head/Saanich
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: 10-15
Shape of objects: Star-like, possibly ovoid
Full Description of event/sighting: 21-Feb-08.

Brian, I'll start by saying I'm 41 years and have never seen a UFO or like object in my life until now. I'm sure we've all seen weird things in the sky from time to time but I haven't seen anything where I can definitely say for sure. I'll try and give you as much detail as I can so it will be long winded but I certainly hope I'm not the only one that saw the activity. I have looked for them on occasion but last night was a first. After coming home late from a workout I had a shower and was ready to head to bed and looked up at the moon. We had just had a solar eclipse of course and the moon was bright again and just about full. I thought the North Star was exceptionally bright and sparkling and wondered whether the tinges of red were after effects from the eclipse. Then I noticed the star was almost bouncing if you will, like a spider will do on the end of its thread. The more I watched the object the more it bounced like a bobber on the water but it was also moving left to right a little as if it was on the end of a fishing rod, little movements up and down and to the side.

Due to the intense sparkling I couldn't make out a shape of the object, it definitely appeared to be lower in the sky than other stars, maybe even within our atmosphere. After watching for several minutes, I wondered whether to wake my wife up. I wanted another witness to what I was seeing but I had to make sure. I walked out on my sundeck and looked at the object through the one of the large apple trees in my front yard. I needed a stationary object to look at, along with the object in the sky to ensure it was the object that was moving and not the heat from the earth or just my eyes playing tricks. The branches weren't moving as there was no wind and the object was dancing around the branches. Then I looked over by the Big Dipper and noticed a couple more objects. These were higher up, more distant and appeared a little more red, less sparkly but these were also moving.

So I woke my wife up to come have a look and she confirmed that the larger object I was seeing, was moving in the sky slightly, up and down, left to right. The object was not a helicopter, there was no noise, and we have many that fly over our house - both life flight ones and corporate ones (Helijet). Also, this object was moving too quickly up and down, left to right to be a helicopter. Again, it looked like a bobber on the end of a fishing line as if someone was jigging for fish.

I decided to move out to the centre of my deck and have a look at the whole sky. Brian, I could count at least 15 or more of these objects in the sky! All the others were smaller, slightly red, some were moving slightly and a few appeared to be stationary but did not look like stars. I quickly opened up my laptop as I knew the satellite shoot-down was coming up and I saw that the satellite had already been shot down, as it were. My feeling on the sighting; the objects were there in the sky to protect us, or the earth, and were watching, or guarding us. I wasn't scared like I thought I would be, more just in awe.

A couple more details on the object:

. Just as others have reported with "UFOs", the lights on the object appeared to be more intense - the object was distant but the blue, white and red lights coming off the object were so clear!
. After watching the object for over 30 minutes it appeared to come closer, but not as close as I would have liked - any pictures would not have turned out.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

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