Sunday, February 17, 2008

Granisle, British Columbia More Witnesses To Ongoing UFO And Strange Activity

Posted: February 17, 2008

Date: November 29 to December 19, 2007 Time: Everyday between 5:00 p.m. - 3:00 a.m.

Location of Sighting: Above and around Babine Lake. Number of witnesses: Depends on which day of observation. Number of objects: Depends. Shape of objects: Disc, and slender shaped flashing objects.

HBCC UFO Research Note: In the report the eyewitness mentions about not disclosing his or her personal information to me at this time. I can't stress enough that here at HBCC UFO Research a witnesses private information is ever given out to anyone. It stays here with me and me only.

Full Description of event/sighting: Mr. Vike, I am not comfortable telling my name at this particular point in time. There are unbelievably weird things going on here and I wish to obtain a sense of being taken seriously if you will, before I expose personal information. I have lived in this town for almost 15 years, never before have I believed or wanted to believe in "extra terrestrials, or UFOs", but lately, I've seen things, lights in the sky, shadows of abnormal things. I know this is to report UFO sightings but I believe I've seen more then UFOs.

There is another family here (Granisle) that have been in contact with you quit a bit. I'm good friends with these folks, they are not lying to you. I've seen lights in the sky everyday towards the eastern side of the lake. At first I was convinced these were logging trucks, but as these lights have continued to appear I have began to realize and tell myself almost exclusively, if that's the right word, logging trucks cannot fly, hover or dart back in forth through the sky at amazing speeds.

I've seen lights almost everyday for 3 weeks, the women that was writing to you about a picture her daughter had taken, she's not lying. You can clearly make out a figure, an abnormal figure. One I believe I've seen before on December 12, 2007. I was at home, it was roughly one o'clock am and I was beginning to get ready for bed. I was standing in my kitchen when I caught a glimpse of something in a thicket of trees standing behind my house. Now Mr. Vike before I confess what I saw, I'm asking you, please be understanding and as much as you may not want to believe me, there was something there. At first I thought it was a child, then I realized the time. No parent in there right mind would let a small child be out this late, no child would want to be out this late. For these reasons I have come to believe I was being observed. Lately I've had odd feeling of being watched, this may seem like BS, but I believe I have a good sense of being able to tell when someone (or in this case, something) is watching me. As for the lights, I've observed them almost everyday with the family that writes to you. Up until now I have refused to contact you about what I've seen, but these lights aren't normal and I'm afraid. I am only writing to you because I have been urged to do so. The lights I saw were flashing red and yellow discs. I've observed them through telescope and binoculars. I appreciatively ask you to email me as soon as possible with your analysis, please and thank you. I'll be waiting for your reply.

Thank you to the witness for their report. Seems Granisle, British Columbia is some active UFO area right now for some reason I cannot figure out.

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