Friday, February 5, 2010

Houston British Columbia Caribou (Pictures And Video)

Wow, did we have a big surprise here in Houston, British Columbia today (Friday February 5, 2010) I took a telephone call from a friend who was excited saying there were either some Elk or Caribou just east of Houston British Columbia close to Highway 16 and in a farmers field. I thought he was hitting the bottle or something. -:))

Also my daughter had pulled in with my grandson in the car and she asked what the excitement was about, I told her and when she left for home she dropped by the area where these animals were last seen. I guess know sooner she got home and called saying there were some moose like critters in the farmers field, so my wife and I jumped into the truck and headed to the area. When we arrived there they stood, three beautiful Caribou.

People who were traveling the highway were stopping and bringing out their camera's. Alot of the folks stopping were folks from Houston or surrounding areas. I talked to people who have lived in Houston all of their lives and they had not seen any down in the valley and so very closer to town. I myself moved to Houston in 1981 and I have never seen the animals either.

There was a Caribou project that took place many years ago and you can read about it here:

These areas the Caribou were located in are really isolated and in very mountainous country. We never expected to see them along side Highway 16.

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