Sunday, February 17, 2008

Green Flash - Effecting Power In Ladysmith British Columbia

Posted: February 17, 2008

Date: December 2007 (Approx: date) Time: Evening.

Hi Brian, You have heard from me before, and since my last story I have checked your website a couple times a week to see what else is going on in the world. Well, today I read a story very similar to something a friend and I once saw about a months ago. We had also seen a green illuminating flash! I live in Ladysmith B.C., my friend and I were down at the beach on night last month. We were planning to take a walk but the wind was too intense. So we sat in the car and hung out in there while listening to music. Suddenly, all the lights and power at the beach went out. At the exact same moment there was the green flash! It looked like it had come from the direction of the water.

I was so wierded out, I wanted to go right away. As we were driving off we got back into town and the power by then was back on. So we stopped at a gas station to buy some snacks. I was the only one of us who went in. But I saw a friend of mine in there so I decided to tell her what we had seen. The man in front of me turned around with a nervous look on his face and said his daughter had just come back from the beach and had seen the very same thing! She was also a little disturbed by it.

The next day, I spoke to some friends of mine. The first one said their power went out. But not the lights. It was just the electricity it seemed. The second friend said their power was flickering in their house. I knew the town would blame it all on the wind. But when the wind blows and the power is related, the power shuts off completely. And this time, it was not the case. It was all too strange and I am sure the strange green flash was connected. Any way, thank you for listening.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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