Friday, October 31, 2008

Sasquatch - Three More Separate Sightings In Moricetown, British Columbia

Posted: October 31, 2008

Brian Vike Director of HBCC UFO Research just took a telephone call at 9:15 a.m. on October 31, 2008 from a nice lady who resides in Moricetown on a Indian reserve. She gave me the contact information for a witness who had a large Sasquatch walk right in-front of her on October 30, 2008. Also recently on the same reserve, a Sasquatch was seen looking through the window of someone's home. I have the contact information for this. Lastly another Sasquatch was observed standing in a field and hopefully I will be able to get this person's contact. Actually it should be really easy due to the job the person has.

So three more Sasquatch sightings here in the Pacific Northwest of British Columbia. All the sightings took place between September and up to the end of October 2008.

I should have some details soon on this.

Brian Vike - Director of HBCC UFO Research.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Surrey, British Columbia Circular UFO Hovers 60 Feet Above Witnesses

Posted: October 23, 2008

Date: 1989
Time: Early evening.

Location of Sighting: 104 Ave and 140th street. (Removed some info)
Number of witnesses: 3
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Circular.

Full Description of event/sighting: My then boyfriend, now husband and my girlfriend rented a movie. My husband and I were laying on the couch and he jerked with this expression of fear on his face looking up and outward through the sliding doors. I thought somebody was there outside looking in on the fence surrounding the townhouse front yard. My husband said nothing and jumped up toward the sliding door and went outside. My girlfriend and I followed. What we saw was unbelievable, it was a craft of some kind circular in shape with many lights on the bottom in which we were looking up at. It was hovering about 60 feet above us. We all stood and stared and said nothing its as if we weren't seeing what we were seeing, it started to move west slowly then proceeded faster that we could no longer see it.

I looked at them and them at me and I said we have to do something what the hell was that there has to be a number to call I ran in the house confused on who to call in the phone book and how insane I'd sound and who would believe me. The next day and years past before we even actually spoke of what happened it was really strange when my husband and I talked about it years later. I said why did we never even bring it up to each other again its as if for some reason it was gone in our minds. My husband if I tell anyone the story denies it still, says I'm a kook, but screwed up once while I described the craft to someone after saying he saw nothing and interrupted me and explained that the lights were arranged different than I'd described.

Thank you to the witness for their very interesting report.

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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Hope Princeton Highway Mystery

Posted: October 19, 2008

Date: October 15, 2008
Time: Daytime.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi Brian, I'm not sure exactly what to call this event. It wasn't missing time so much as mixed up time and missing roads!

A couple of days ago, Wednesday October 15th I was on a road trip back to my home town of Oliver in the Okanagan Valley. My two brothers, both retired school teachers, were with me. We left the Tsawwassen ferry terminal near Vancouver shortly after 11 A.M. for what is normally a slightly more than a five hour trip. After driving for about an hour we stopped to get some coffee. Since they wanted Starbucks and I wanted McDonald's coffee it took us a while to find the outlets and get back on the freeway. We chose to go the southern route to the interior via the Hope Princeton Highway. All three of us know that road very well. As children with our parents and later individually as adults (we now are in our 50's and 60's) we have traveled it too many times to count. My brother is a good driver and knows that the Hope Princeton highway is not built for speeding. Although there was not much traffic we did get behind some slow trucks several times. We were not in any hurry so it did not matter.

As the road goes into the mountains from the small town of Hope it becomes mostly two lanes wide with the exception of passing lanes. I was aware of, but not actually looking for, familiar landmarks. At one point I remember wondering when we had passed the area of a big forest fire. Although the area has re-grown it is still easy to identify. I assumed I'd missed it while talking to my brothers. I also realized I'd not seen a particular corner that I was looking for. I was going to show them where I'd almost been hit by a car spinning out of control many years ago. Eventually we reached Manning Park where the road becomes four lanes for the complete length of the park. There are numerous camping and picnic sites in the area. We decided to watch for a pull out area by the river so we could have a picnic lunch. Although we were looking, none of us saw any of the picnic spots and very soon we were out of the park and back on the two lane road.

However I knew that a short distance ahead, down a steep twisting hill and around a corner we would come to a wide flat area right beside the river. I've stopped there many times. It is one of the few wide spots on the road with large gravel parking areas on both sides. The road then goes up a long straight hill. I assumed that is where my brother was going to stop. He didn't. When we went around the corner everything was different. It was not there. We kept driving up and down hills and around corners that confused me. I did not know exactly where we were. I wondered if something was the matter with me! I didn't say anything. Neither did my brothers.

Eventually we came out of the mountains and passed through the town of Princeton and shortly after that we stopped at a picnic site for lunch.

I then asked my brother why he had not stopped beside the river where I'd assumed he would. His answer disturbed yet relieved me. All he said was "It wasn't there. When we went around the corner that whole part was gone" He wasn't scared, but was confused and uneasy. My other brother then commented that he had been watching for the forest fire area but never saw it and all three of us mentioned that we had traveled the four lane road in the park very quickly. It had seemed about half as long as usual and none of us had seen the camping and picnic sites we were looking for.

After the half hour lunch stop we continued on our way. Everything seemed normal for the rest of the trip and eventually we arrived at our destination. But we were at least an hour earlier than we should have been. Considering the speed my brother was driving and the length of time of the two stops, the trip should have taken over five hours or even closer to six. It took just a tiny bit over four hours.

When it came time to go home we went another way.

Just for the record, there was no road work being done in that area and since that is one of the better parts of the road I doubt that they would change it anyway. Plus, even if they made artificial hills and needless corners how would they manage to hide a river in such a narrow valley?

So Brian, you receive a great many accounts of possible missing time. I realize this one is more like disrupted time. It is as if we jumped over at least four sections of the road and never noticed. Any ideas?

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

UFO Fleet Spotted At Burnaby, British Columbia Third Floor Balcony

Posted: October 14, 2008

Date: October 4, 2008
Time: 3:00 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Burnaby B.C. third floor balcony.
Number of witnesses: 2
Number of objects: many
Shape of objects: Appeared to be a fleet of UFO's in a V shaped formation.

Full Description of event/sighting: Brian, I witnessed another UFO sighting on my balcony that looks towards the northeast in Burnaby B.C. My co-worker and I were taking a break from working inside on the computer to get some fresh air and sunshine. The sky was blue except for some Cumulus Cloud that created a ridge just above the tree-line. I stared up towards the clouds and thought how easy it would be for space craft to hide behind them to stay out of sight of humans. As I looked at the cloud ridge I noticed a white, thin line floating across the sky. I mentioned it to my co-worker and after focusing his eyes he saw it too. The line was pointed down at 45 degree angle floating a cross the sky then I noticed another line join it level to the horizon and the white lines took on the shape of a V. My co-worker mentioned that it looked like a flock of birds to him except tens of thousands of feet in the air, moving fast and white.

I ran inside and grabbed my video camera and got some shaky shoots at full zoom. The footage is not great but I did capture the flying V on tape. When I looked at it frame by frame I can make out roughly 20- 30 solid objects making up the V. This is the second sighting in a year that I have seen from this vantage point, both have been during the day. Keep your eyes to the sky everyone and your hearts open wide, maybe these visitors are here to help our evolution from a warring, fear and economy based society.

Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

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Friday, October 10, 2008

UFO Gives A Kelowna Man The Fright Of His Life, West Of Kamloops, British Columbia

Posted: October 10, 2008

I (Brian Vike) had been wandering around the town of Houston, B.C. when I met a person who stopped me and asked if I had heard from a man who lives in Kelowna, B.C. over a UFO sighting he had. The lady ended up giving me the name and number of the guy who wanted to contact me. His name is Harry who at one time used to live in Houston, B.C. where I am, and he was eager to tell his story of what went on around the Savona, British Columbia area. He related an amazing story to me over what he experienced.

Harry had a large UFO incident which took place on August 31, 2008 at approximately 1:30 a.m. when he was on a week's holiday. The man was driving his pickup truck and pulling a trailer. All was fine on his journey as he traveled down Highway 97 heading south from Lac La Hache. He came to a main junction at Cache Creek where the highway can take you to Vancouver, B.C. following highway 97 south, or you can head east on the Trans-Canada Highway 1. The shortest route for him was the highway 1 which headed towards Kamloops, B.C. and other communities along the way.

I should point out that this entire region of British Columbia is a hot, dry area. The climate around Savona is a semi-arid steppe climate due to its rainshadow location. While situated in a semi-arid valley, Savona has winters that are generally mild and very short with an occasional cold snap where temperatures can drop to around -30 °C (-22 °F) when arctic air floods over the Rocky Mountains into the interior.

Harry reached Savona, still heading east and on the left/north side of the highway there is a fairly large company with all different types of used mining equipment scattered throughout their property. Just down the road a way, he came to a little store off to the side of the highway. All of a sudden to his right/south and coming from over top of the mountain was a very bright light. At first he thought maybe it might be people driving a 4x4 vehicle, but he quickly thought about it and he knew at that point there were no dirt roads on the side of the mountain. The light was still moving about and coming directly at him. (keep in mind this mountain wasn't all that high in altitude)

As the light drew closer to him he was able to see clearly that this wasn't just one light, but three. Two lights positioned at the top and a single light at the bottom. Basically the lights took on the shape of a triangle. Eventually the three lights swooped down towards him and crossed over top the Trans-Canada Highway 1 and Harry's truck, placing the object on the north side of the highway and flying at tree top level. The craft made a turn and was now heading in the same direction as Harry was traveling, which would be east towards Kamloops, B.C. Harry tried to keep an eye on the object but at the same time watching where he was driving. The craft seemed to be pacing the truck then rose up slightly and then again swooped downward and Harry finally lost sight of it. He said it surprised him that the object vanished as he was sure it would appear again. Harry tried to rationalize what he had seen. Maybe an aircraft with pontoons landing on the lake, etc. But nothing seemed to click into place for him because it was a very unusual sight.

Excitement over with, Harry continued driving. He went up a steep part of a hill which had a few sharp curves, he gets to the top and starts his descent down the hill and ahead of him on the highway, coming in his direction are the same lights he just finished observing minutes ago. He thought to himself, this has to be a truck or some type of vehicle and they should meet up very quickly. To his surprise the lights vanished once again. There was no turn off that he was aware of, so as he sat in his vehicle he wondered what the heck was going on.

Not too far down the highway he spots what appears to be blue and white flashing lights and he thought that maybe there was a police road block or an accident. He slows the truck down preparing to come to a stop if need be, but what he thought was an emergency vehicle on the road wasn't the case. About 500 to 600 feet off to the left hand side of the highway was a strobing light. Harry said the flashing was intense, approximately every half second there was another flash. It was so fast and so very bright. Also it was stationary just off of the ground.

All of a sudden the object jumped (as Harry put it), in other words, from a stationary position it appeared to rise up and drop down again. If you can, picture children playing leap frog is the best term that I can think of to use to illustrate the UFOs movements. He said the object went from a stop, then made about a 20 foot jump into the air in a split second, it jumped again and this time it made an estimated jump of approximately 50 to 60 feet and then it kept jumping at greater distances. He figured the UFO was now moving around 500 feet at a time. The object made numerous jumps and Harry wasn't sure if he was able to hear any sound or not. He thought the UFO gave off a swooshing sound, but again he couldn't be completely sure of this. This thing traveled along at an incredible speed. It made a final jump which had it heading straight towards Harry's truck. Pretty much freaking out at this point, Harry said the UFO, with one of the last jumps, landed maybe 100 feet behind the trailer he was pulling. This would have had the UFO hitting the asphalt/road behind him. After this he wasn't able to see the UFO anymore. He said he hit the gas pedal and was out of there. He told me that he had no plans of stopping to check this out and wanted to get out of there as fast as possible. That was it for his night's scary encounter with an Unidentified Flying Object.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2008

UFO Close Encounter Between Burns Lake And Houston, British Columbia

Posted: October 7, 2008

HBCC UFO Research put out an interview which is an audio recording I did with an eyewitness who resides in Houston, British Columbia. Since I mentioned the sighting and had not a lot of time I put the audio portion of the sighting up on the website for folks to listen to. I finally got around to writing up the entire event that took place on August 3, 2008 between the towns of Houston and Burns Lake, British Columbia. There were two people who were involved in this frightening experience. One of the eyewitness by the name of Lawrence came to my home on August 5, 2008 asking if I was the alien fellow. Of course I had to chuckle to myself just hearing I was the alien guy.

Lawrence introduced himself to me and we sat down at the patio furniture and he told me what he and a close friend had seen.

Lawrence and his friend were a little bored so they thought for something to do they would take a drive out to Burns Lake from Houston. It was a beautiful day as they drove along highway 16. They arrived in Burns Lake just around dusk, looked at the lake and drove around. Seeing it was getting late they decided it was time to head back to Houston and they proceeded on the hour's drive back home. Everything was going fine as the two men traveled along until they got just about to a rest area at Decker Lake.

Looking down the highway and up into the sky they noticed a light which appeared to look rather odd. In the seconds as they watched, the light grew closer to them and grew in size and brightness until it was hovering just over highway 16 and in front of their vehicle. Lawrence had already slowed the vehicle down due to watching the light coming so quickly in their direction. Both men sat stunned, not to mention being frightened at what they were seeing and weren't about to make a dash in the vehicle and try to drive underneath the craft. The fellows had no idea of what may happen to them.

Lawrence pulled the vehicle over to the left/east side of the highway as the event took place right at the Decker Lake rest area. *Photo of the Decker Lake rest area*

Both men sat staring at what they came to realize as a Unidentified Flying Object. Lawrence describes the UFO as being a cigar in shape, the craft was of a large size, approximately the size of a Greyhound Bus and had lights on it. He described the lights to be more like florescent tubing as they were long in length and ran down the side of the UFO. The colors of the lights were red, yellow and green. The men said there was not a sound from the object, no buzzing or any type of motor noise. The craft sat hovering and the lights on the craft were so bright that they lit up the highway and surrounding area.

Both fellows still sitting in the rest area, kept an eye on the craft which hovered over the highway for a short period of time. Then the UFO moved a small distance ahead/east and made a "U" turn over the highway and came back to a hovering position over the trees on the opposite side of the highway from where the men were parked. Again the objects lights lit up the trees and surrounding area and just sat there hovering just over the tree tops for a couple of minutes or so and then Lawrence said the craft just shot off at a incredible speed, like if someone shot a bullet from a gun.

*Photo looking down the highway where UFO hovered above*

*Photo of where the UFO hovered over the tree tops*

They were still able to keep an eye on the object as it was well lit up and as they watched, the UFO moved off into the distance up into the night sky. It then looked like a small ball of light. Although the object moved towards the west, it had to have traveled back towards the men as it was seen as a little ball and directly over top the vehicle, but at a great altitude. The fellows kept their eye on it, watching it blink the different colors that they reported seeing on the craft.

Seeing that the UFO was still high in the night sky, Lawrence thought it might be OK to continue their trek towards home. Lawrence drove out of the rest area and onto the highway. The passenger in the car was able to look up and out of the windows of the vehicle to keep an eye on the object. The fellows drove a number of miles down the highway, feeling at this point all was going to be alright and they would get home without any other incidents.

Well, it didn't take long before their worst fears were coming true. They just arrived alongside the Burns Lake airport, still driving on highway 16 when the same object came at them and once again they were forced to stop the car in the middle of the highway, not wanting to risk driving under the UFO. The craft hovered just in front of their car and around tree top level with the lights shining brightly lighting up the highway and entire area.

*Photo of the Burns Lake airport*

After a short period of time, but to the men it felt like a lifetime had passed by, the UFO moved away in exactly the same fashion as it did with the first encounter. The only difference was that the craft did a U turn on the left side of the highway and sat hovering over the tree tops lighting up everything around it. The men still parked just a little off the highway observing this, wondering what was to come next. The craft shot off towards the west/Houston, B.C. and the fellows watched it move into the distance at a great altitude where it appeared to look like a small ball. As they kept an eye on the ball of light, Lawrence started driving again along the highway. They passed Rose Lake and they were still able to see the small ball in the sky. They passed Duncan Lake, Six Mile Hill, Topley and eventually over these many miles they arrived home in Houston and the ball was still visible to them.

Seeing this was such an unusual experience which freaked the guys out, they stopped at the Houston RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police) detachment to make a report on what they had seen. However there was no one on duty at the time. (this is normal late in the evenings in Houston). A short while later they made a telephone call to the RCMP as the men wanted to make sure a report did get filed.

(When Lawrence called the RCMP, he would have got the dispatcher who would have been located in Prince George, B.C.) The RCMP told them if anyone else saw this that they would officially file a report on the sighting. That was about the end of the story in regards to the sighting and the RCMP. Eventually after this frightening event was over and done with, and they had not received much "interest" from the RCMP the guys went their own way back to their homes.

Lawrence told me he was still able to observe the object from his home, although it was very high up and looking the same. He thought he had enough excitement for one night. He got cleaned up and went to his bedroom. He laid down on his bed and the window happened to be facing in the direction he last saw the object. Well there it was, the UFO still there. He got up from his bed, turned on the TV and every so often would glance out the window and would see the object stationary in the sky. As Lawrence told me, he was still scared after all that took place and was having a hard time settling down. Finally he managed to fall asleep.

If you haven't listened to the audio interview over this sighting that Lawrence and his friend had, you can listen into the eyewitnesses statement about what took place by following the link I have provided.

Also I should add a reporter from the Smithers Interior newspaper came down to the home and interviewed myself and Lawrence for a story for the newspaper. Although I have not seen the story come out as of yet.

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Saturday, October 4, 2008

Nanaimo, British Columbia UFO Breaks Into Three Parts

Posted: October 4, 2008

Date: September 3, 2008
Time: 8:02 p.m.

Location of Sighting: Nanaimo in the sky following two jets.
Number of witnesses: 1
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Round saucer, then three orbs.

Full Description of event/sighting: Hi my name is (name removed) I live in the small Harbour City of Nanaimo B.C. On the night of Sept 3, 2008 I step outside to have a smoke, as I live in a basement sweet with my two birds. So I smoke outside as it is a small space and don't want to hurt the birds small lungs! Anyway I just lit my smoke when I hear the sound of a jet in the sky. I looked up and sure enough, there were two jets, like air force jets. I believe they were probably out of Comox air base and they were up pretty high, but you could see their vapour trails behind them. I thought this was kind of odd because it was nightfall and I don't see many jets out and about at this time of night.

As I am watching them, I see something that was traveling at a high speed and not far behind them. It was round and had many different colored flashing lights rotating around the bottom. Only after the jets went by their sound faded out and this one made no sound at all! Then all of a sudden it just stopped following them and turned and went out over the ocean. It stopped again and then the craft broke up into three separate orbs, is the best way I could describe it. These orbs went around at a high rate of speed and one went south, one went west and one went east for about five minutes. I watched them going up, down and sideways and around until they rejoined again into a round saucer looking disk. By this time they were right above me, I got scared because they did not look like they were so far up anymore. I watched from my doorway and just as I turned to go in and get the phone, I saw it start to spin at an incredible rate of speed. It shot straight up and was out of sight in what was like three seconds.

Now I know what people like to say, but until you see something like this with your own eyes and you know we don't have any flying craft that can travel at this speed, never mind breaking up into separate orbs. Until someone can show me any military crafts such as these top secret or not, then I can only come to one conclusion. It was a UFO! That's my story I would like to think that I am not that closed minded to believe we are the only living species in the universe!


Thank you to the witness for their report.

Brian Vike, Director HBCC UFO Research and host of the Vike Report UFO Eyewitness radio show. email: Website:,, HBCC UFO Research International:

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