Sunday, February 17, 2008

Houston, British Columbia UFO Hovering Over Tree Tops

Posted: February 17, 2008

Date: October 23 or 24th, 2007 Time: Just before daybreak (7:00-ish a.m.)

Since HBCC UFO Research was on the trail over the November 29, 2007 sightings and I started asking people I know around town if they knew anyone who had witnesses anything on the date of the major sightings. I ran into a couple of friends who did see something very unusual, but this goes back to October 23 or 24 of 2007.

A husband and wife were out on the old Equity Mine road which is just south east of the town of Houston. They parked their truck on a pull out along side of the road waiting for the sun to come up before starting to hunt. As they sat in the vehicle talking, they noticed one large ball of light, it was green and red and strobing these colors. The object was pretty much stationary when they first saw it. This object was just a little bit lower than the tree tops with one of the mountains in the background. This of course threw out the idea of the object being a star of any kind. The lady told me the object was hovering between two tall evergreen trees, at times the object would move to the north and then back to the south in short hops, then back again between the two tall trees.

They watched this happen for about 10 minutes and then all of a sudden the UFO started to move directly upward, straight up until they completely lost view of it. The couple said it was wild seeing such a weird sight.

Thank you to the witneswses for their report.

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