Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ucluelet in Vancouver Island, Glowing Green Disk Shaped UFO

Posted: January 26, 2008

Date: January 2, 2005

Happy New Year and Greetings, Hi, Brian Vike this is a second time I notice UFO on webcam.

This is a long sighting and I have all the pictures and exact location of the webcam with map and reference objects in separate pictures.

This sighting happened during morning hours of January 2, 2005, at time of the sunrise with ceiling unlimited and temperature around 3 degrees Celsius. The location of this sighting is at 48° 55' N 125° 32' W, Amphitrite Point lighthouse near the town of Ucluelet in Vancouver Island, near the Port Albion. Number of witnesses is not known but I expect anybody in that area would have seen it.

The webcam is directed towards the South East. There is no need for any enhancement because the UFO is completely viewable and seems to be coming down towards the ground because it is getting bigger and bigger as next 30 minutes of photos show. There is a huge green glow to the UFO. The Glow around the UFO gets bigger as approaches the webcam. I am not able to pinpoint its exact size, but I have a reference picture which might help you calculate it. The duration of this sighting from when it was first noticed until its glow was last distinguishable was 3 hours later. Therefore, I believe it was hovering in that area. No trails of smoke were seen. The object seems to be using magnetic propulsion system because of its amazing glow, its hovering mode and no smoke trail. The UFO started from flying above Barkley Sound and came closer to Amphitrite Point and somehow changed direction and started going towards Spring Cove and fish processing plant nearby, very slowly.

This a sequence of photos taken every 30 minutes starting at 16:30 UTC or 08:30 PST each of files are name starting with UTC clock underscore PST clock. These pictures were downloaded from Environment Canada’s website which is official online-presence for meteorological information and public forecasts. There are 3 maps and one reference photo of this area. The last file is the file of all the sightings saved from Environment Canada’s website to show that these pictures are credible, and the duration sighting was 3 hours.

Thank you, and Have Great New Year.

Thank you to the person for the report.

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