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Keefer Lake, (Near Cherryville) B.C. An Amazing UFO Event Caught On Film

Posted: January 28, 2008

HBCC UFO Research Note: (Keefer Lake sighting) I received a tiny report from the eyewitness, but when I read what the fellow wrote, I was really interested, more than interested I guess I would say. I have worked on a case just like this one and it was close to the same area in 2003. I called the gentleman straight away and gathered a little more information. As for the photos and footage, a close friend of the witness tried to send the footage to me but the format was not recognized by my computer. So the folks are re-doing the footage in a format that we can all view. So hopefully they will be able to get this worked out soon. This sighting is a excellent one.

Keefer Lake, (Near Cherryville) B.C. An Amazing UFO Event Caught On Film

Date: July 20, 2005 Time: Noon

Number of witnesses: 3 Number of objects: 4

Shape of objects: Long and cylindrical but split in the middle giving the appearance of two floating tanks.

Full Description of event/sighting: I have them on DVD video.

Re: our phone call, Getting the program to download and send the file has been a bit of a challenge, however when viewed frame by frame it becomes even more spectacular if not a bit eerie, ie: It appears to be two pulsing objects definitely separated in the center (hence the black stripe) and dark lights, or a shimmer effect seems to appear above each orb as these dark spots transfer from one orb to the other. As the dark spots transfer the orbs appear to alternate in size and get larger for a few frames before transferring back to other orb.

Additional Information:

Q. - What were the weather conditions at the time of the sighting ? Was it a windy day ? (I believe it was hot a clear, but just making sure).

A. - Clear and cloudless. Occasional slight breeze. The trees in the footage are still.

Q. - What is the closet major airport to your location where the objects were seen ? Also is their a small air strip close by ?

A. - Kelowna is a major airport 100 km from here and I am unaware of any other strips in the area.

Q. - What direction did the objects come from and headed off to ?

A. - They came from the north over Railroad Creek Valley, between Dome and Yeoward mountains, then turned due west before getting over the camp.

Q. - What would you estimate the distance to the objects were from your location?

A. - Straight line distance Approx. 2 to 3 miles.

Q. - Another guess question, roughly how high would you estimate the objects were in altitude ? Say where a small plane would fly, or a large jet ? Just a rough guess.

A. - 10 to 12,000 feet

Q. - As the objects moved across the sky, how long were you able to observe the entire event for ?

A. - 10 minutes altogether

Q. - Were you able to hear any sound at all, if so could you describe what you heard the best you can ?

A. - Dead silent

Q. - What color was the main body of the objects ? Were you able to observe any lights on the objects at all, if so what color were they and if there were, did they flash or blink off and on ?

A. - Mainly white or very shiny metallic, when viewed frame by frame you can see that the big object is actually two white tank like objects and you can see blue sky between the objects as it seems to pulse. There are two black spots that appear to alternate back and forth between the two objects. When the black spots appear above and below the object, the two objects seem to grow in size. During the time that the spots are on the individual tanks and the other one appears to shrink in size. You can see the black dots as they move back and forth.

Q. - Did the object at anytime move erratically or change direction, zig zag through the sky ? Basically did they move strangely ?

A. - They moved steadily and deliberately. There was no up and down movement. Each one was at a slightly different altitude and approach before veering to the west. The strange part was the silence of their passing and no contrails .

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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