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Coquitlam, B.C. Over Burke Mountain (UFOs)

Posted: January 26, 2008

Date: December 1, 2004 Time: Vary

Dec. 01 - approximately 08:30 AM -Beautiful clear sunny morning, was just looking at all the snow on the mountains when I saw a white streak flash across the south slope of Burke Mountain. Object was moving so fast it was just a blur but there appeared to be a white object about the size of a 737 at the head of the streak. Object was about midway up the side of the Mountain. and flew into a thick cloud which was hanging partly down the mountain. I expected to see it come out the other side but nothing appeared.

11:00 AM. - Mainly sunny still, some overcast and fairly thick layer of clouds along the mountain. tops. I noticed what appeared to be a corkscrew shaped vapor trail suddenly appear descending from the overcast down to near the top of Burke Mountain. It reminded me of that cloud I saw last Jan. which had the UFO at the bottom end of it and grabbed my binoculars but didn’t see anything. But as I was watching the vapor trail suddenly extended itself in a big figure S towards the east. At no time did I see anything thing which might be causing it. It just seemed to materialize all in one piece which extended for miles.

11:20 AM. - Still heavy cloud just touching the Mountain. tops in places. I was looking at the top of Burke through my binoculars, when all of a sudden a dark object shot out of the cloud and flew a zig zaggy course around the peaks in a westerly direction. Object was moving so fast it was just a dark blur so I have no idea what it actually looked like but must have been about the size of a commercial jet. Pretty sure no human being could have been making turns that sharp and fast.

17:00 - Sky black intermittent overcast, Observed what appeared to be a two engine commercial jet flying well below the normal flight path. It appeared to be about Mission when I first saw it. I looked through the binoculars and it just appeared to be a normal jet. Single landing light on its nose and the green and red marker lights on its wing tips. I glanced at my TV for just a second and then looked back and it was gone. Waited for a while to see if it reappeared but never saw it again.

17:20 -Saw what appeared to be a standard jet heading westbound approximately. 8000 ft. Watched it flying through a layer of thin cloud and noticed the light pattern appeared to be changing, the red and green wind tip lights went out and a single large red light appeared on what I assumed was the fuselage.

I grabbed my binoculars again and started watching as the plane flew out from the clouds and into a clear area the big red light went out and the bottom of the entire wing lit up a kind of yellowy orange colour, making it appear to be just a large flying wing. The wing did not appear to be glowing internally but I could not see any source for the light and although it had what appeared to be flaps and spoilers, I could not see any engines. If it was making any noise I didn’t notice it. Also the lights on the nose and fuselage could no longer be seen. It then flew into a thicker layer of cloud and I didn’t see it again.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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