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Ucluelet, B.C. (Kennedy Lake) Objects, Burns And Unexplained Marks

Posted: January 28, 2008

Date: Mid August Time: 3:20 a.m.

Number of witnesses: 2 Number of objects: 2 Shape of objects: Two were different, one larger white, other green flashing.

Full Description of event/sighting: My friend called my attention to the sky South of us, where a bright white round object could be very clearly seen at least several times wider than the brightest object in the sky. A second light flashed intermittently white and lime green flashing about each 5-6 seconds for 2-3 seconds per flash. I am a trained military observer having been in the 748th communications troop in the Armed Forces of Canada.

This was not the usual aircraft flashing green starboard light, as it was lime green, and moved like it was suspended below the above much brighter white object. The white object moved in a shallow U shape arc dipping downward then upward, and about twenty seconds and three flashes of the lower object after we started to watch it, it grew much brighter and the seemed to pan the cosmos like a motorcycle headlight through the fog. (Sky was extremely clear and we were 30 km from nearest light source or town of Ucluelet.)

The light panned from Southwest to West and then straight over the beach we were camped on and illuminated the entire North shore of the lake. It was so bright it seemed a huge camera flash had gone off. We both were very excited and later somewhat frightened.the objects then continued in a slow arc upward and then suddenly sped away in in a Northeasterly upward arc increasing to extremely relative high speed and decreased in brightness and were finally not visible having been observed for 45-60 seconds. the lower object was seen to flash about seven to eight times and followed the identical arc as the above object, and the two object were about 5-6 times the widths of a full moon apart.

My friend and I were very excited, perplexed, frightened and had a hard time falling asleep. I asked immediately what time it was as I wasn't wearing a watch, and it was 3:20 a.m. I awoke the next day and the first thought through my head was what the hell did I see last night. I also had no doubt then, whatsoever, that we are not the most intelligent species here in the Universe. It deeply effected me. It also troubled my friend and we told others that had been asleep at the time and camped nearby what we had seen. My mom is quite conservative, yet I phoned and told her and told her what I had seen, having no doubt what I had seen and not caring what my mother would think of my telling her what I saw. (I'm 40 years old).

We told many people and two days afterward someone came to the beach and said it had been on CNN and was reported in Port Alberni and was also seen in some other country.

We had no campfire that night and were just about ready to sleep when we saw the objects. My friend was not himself after for two weeks, being very aggressive and not his usual passive self. I was not acting like myself afterwards and damn near got myself in trouble with my sort of "end of the world" attitude.

I noticed that I had a burn on my right calf on the inside and my friend had several unexplained marks on his legs. It has been two months and my leg hasn't healed completely. Other injuries I have gotten in the bush that were worse healed in less than two weeks.

I had thought it strange that when I asked my friend the time, it 3:20 because we both had to work the next morning and I was sure we retired to our sleeping bags just after midnight and had seen the objects within fifteen to twenty minutes of laying down.

We pick edible Chanterelle mushrooms at Kennedy Lake and were not drunk or altered in consciousness in any way at the time.

I still can't understand why it was so late and where the burn came from as we wanted to get to sleep early and didn't build a fire after arriving at the lake at midnight.

When we heard the object was witnessed by others and was on TV we were both very excited and almost relieved to have the whole thing validated by someone else's observations. I think it was the 14th or 15th of August.

Thank you to the witness for this amazing report.

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