Monday, January 28, 2008

Chilliwack, British Columbia Large Orange Harvest Moon Looking Object

Posted: January 28, 2008

Date: August 22, 2005 Time: Approx: 4:30 p.m.

HBCC UFO Research Note: This eyewitness was referring to a sighting of a Large Orange Ball over St. John New Brunswick. Link to the other report here:

Hi again Brian, I'm writing you again since I just read the latest hbcc postings on Rense. Much to my amazement, I pasted the report below to this email since what I saw last week has similarities the report below and the one that followed it. This took place in Chilliwack BC and I'm wondering if anyone else saw what I saw. At first I dismissed what I saw as a hallucination or my eyes playing tricks on me since the event was but a brief moment in time, but the posting below and the one that followed it took away all doubt. I'm trying to reconstruct the event and time as I did not take it seriously at the time so I did not record it in my daily journal. Near the end of the workday about 4:30 PM Monday August 22, 2005 I was loading up a company truck preparing for the next work day.

After the truck was loaded I went to park it at the back of our lot where the company vehicles are stored in our compound. I just happened to look at the back of our building (through the windshield) as I was parking and noticed what looked like a large orange harvest moon low in the sky visible just above the roofline of our building. At the time I was startled at the odd sight as it was late August not late October and late afternoon not evening. I went about locking up the truck and went to look again at the odd sight and was just as surprised as I was to have seen it in the first place by the fact that it was no longer there. I actually walked to the side of our building for a look so that the building did not obstruct my view in case it had set lower on the horizon. It could not see it anymore, it did not re-appear and I was not looking at it the moment it disappeared.

Thank you to the eyewitness for the report.

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