Monday, January 28, 2008

Towards Burnaby, B.C. Bell Blimp And Unknowns

Posted: January 28, 2008

Date: April 18, 2005 Time: Various

Hi Brian, was watching the news and they had their roof top camera pointing over towards Burnaby and they mentioned that you could see the Bell Blimp. So I rushed to my window and there it was. Just a little round blob to the naked eye, but quite obvious a Blimp when viewed with my binoculars. I phoned my friend in Richmond and asked her if that was what she had seen yesterday morning. She said it might be but what she had seen was Black and this was obviously White and has flashing lights on it.

You may get a few calls re. this one as after dark they turned on interior lights then it just glowed like a big pale star floating along. I could plainly see the name BELL all down one side when viewing through my binoculars. Just for the heck of it I turned on KatKam and it is visible in the 20:10 Shot in the upper right hand corner. I checked the archives and that is the only shot it is in. But starting at 20:01 there is a small dark object just above the sun.

20:04 – Round White object just above and to the south of the Sun

20:05 – Lower still and to the south of the Sun

20:06 – Object now North of the Sun and over the Mountains

20:07 – Possibly two objects now

20:08 – Both moved to the South

20:09 – Both south of the Sun

20:10 – Blimp in this shot, one object gone, remaining one looks almost disk shaped

20:11 – Blimp gone, object over setting Sun

20:12 – Sky clear

20:13 – Appears to be object out quite aways, over the entrance to False Creek

20:15 – Appears to be three objects now, Two just over the mountains and one above them on the edge of the dark blue part of the sky.

20:16 – Two dark objects one slightly above the other almost directly above Sunset Beach near the edge of the dark blue sky. Maybe two more just to the south of the sunset.

20:30 – Appears to be round white object just over the mountains almost directly in line with the entrance to False Creek.

21:00 – Appears to be two white objects in the top left part of the picture.

Thank you to the person for the interesting report.

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