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Surrey To Coquitlam, B.C. Large Bright White Object

Posted: January 26, 2008

Date: January 11, 2005 Time: Approx: 7:15 p.m.

At approx. 19:15 a large bright white object went across the screen faster then a normal plane. When I checked found it to consist of three sections two narrow ones on the outsides and a larger one in the center each section appeared to be made up of eight overlapping rectangles. There also appeared to be flashing lights on the narrow sections which made a large bulge when they came on about every few frames. There was also a triangle of light which appeared just to one side for a few frames. I tried drawing it but did not do a very good job but it will give you a rough idea. There appeared to be beams of light or exhaust coming from both ends and a glow around the whole object.

About 25 minutes later object number 2 flew north across the screen also faster then a plane and making a fairly sharp turn towards the west. At first I thought it was the same object but when I checked found it to be composed of three smooth oval shapes with out the jagged edges of the earlier one. The one on the left appeared to have a slight bluish tinge to it while the right one had a slight pinkish tinge, center section was bright white, I can’t duplicate the tinge so left them mainly white. Appeared to be exhaust or beams of lights coming from both ends of this object also. If they were lights then they were backwards, converging to a point instead of fanning out. I thought they might possibly be planes but my window was open and there was no sound from them although I heard a large jet going over right after the first one went by but at the speed it was going it would have been long gone. I also tried taping a couple of jets which went over a little while later and they didn’t look anything like the two earlier objects.

Additional information:

The second object came across Surrey from the south then appeared to be turning west over Coquitlam, it appeared to be about half the size of the first one but that might just have been because it was further away. I am surprised I didn't see them with my eyes as they were really bright, much brighter than any planes I've seen. But I was playing Pacman when the first went by and watching TV when the second passed. I had to move my computer desk so now have to turn sideways to see out the window. Anyway when my wife came home I showed the tape to her and she said that they looked just like what she used to see flying over Fiji headed towards Australia.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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