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Towards Grouse Mountain, Vancouver B.C. Various Sightings

Posted: January 28 28, 2008

Date: February 2, 2005 Time: 02:00

02:00 Feb. 02,05 - was lying in bed looking out the window towards Grouse Mountain. The sky was fairly cloudy but the mountains were mainly clear revealing the lights on the ski runs. All of a sudden a large yellow flash lit up the cloud right above the mountain, appeared to be heading in a ENE direction and appeared to be a large object passing through or behind the cloud. Almost looked like a lighting bolt but colour and appearance not quite right. So I will call it an unknown.

18:00 to 19:00 Feb. 06,05 - Few clouds along the tops of the mountains, with a lot of clear spots. I aimed my camera at the top of Grouse Mountain. and left it running. When I played the tape back I noticed quite a few white orbs going back and forth mainly in an E to W or the reverse direction. Orbs appeared to be flashing and were not in the main overly bright except on about every fifth flash when they got really bright. I could not make out any coloured lights as in regular aircraft. As for distance they were flying behind the clouds so may have been fifty miles away. I did see a number of small planes and they were all flying on this side of the clouds and were easily made out by their flashing lights. When I started taping the sky was still a little light which the night vision made almost like day. I tried zooming in on some of the white orbs but could not make out any sort of fuselage or structure just the white orbs which appeared to be self luminescent. Speed appeared to be about the same as the small craft flying on this side of the mountains.

21:00 Feb. 06,05 - Sky appeared to be mainly clear, I noticed a number of small aircraft flying back and forth alongside the mountains. My attention was caught by a craft flying east along the side of Seymour Mountain. and for a few moments I was puzzled by what was wrong with it. It was showing what appeared to be two large white landing lights surrounding a large red light behind that was another large red light and then a large green light and another large red light. I grabbed my binoculars thinking maybe it was a chopper of some sort. I was unable to see the fuselage clearly enough to make out what it was, as it flew over Pt. Moody the white (landing lights?) went out as well as two of the big red lights leaving just the red light on the nose and the green light towards the rear. It finally dawned on me that none of the lights were blinking light normal aircraft. I grabbed my video camera and started shooting.

I tracked the craft past the tower across the street and until my building walls got in the way. When it came out from behind the tower across the street I was looking at the back of it and noticed another red light was showing although I could still see the red light on the front which appeared to be under the front of the craft. The image on the camera was to small to make out any detail but when I played the tape back on my TV. I could just make out what appeared to be a craft with a side profile similar to a stealth bomber. Kind of a hump in the front tapering back to a very slim profile. When I was looking at it from the rear it seemed to be a V shaped object, about like an arrow head, say about twice as long as it was wide. It seemed to have, as I said, the big red light on the nose and on large red and one large green on the each corner of the rear. The object appeared to be grey or perhaps silver not black like the bombers and I could not make out any wings or hear any noise from it. From the rear it still appeared to be almost flat between the lights and tapering up into the hump towards the front. Sure wish I could download it into my computer just to see if I could enhance it a little and get a better look at it.

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