Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Granisle, (End Of Babine Lake) British Columbia Unusual UFO

Posted: January 23, 2008

Date: Early 1990's Time: 11:00 pm – 2:00 am

Hello, I was talking to a friend yesterday who happens to be researching property in the Granisle (Babine Lake) area.

He surprised me when he casually mentioned there have been many UFO sightings in the area.

I was interested in this because in the early 90’s, I worked for the Ministry of Forestry on a short-term contract – approximately 2 weeks in a Fire Lookout Tower located on Cronin Mountain. This was toward the end of August at that time. There was a forest fire off to one side and expected thunder activity on the way for that time of year. The bed in the tower was level with the windows so I could comfortably look over the countryside and see for miles with a wide scope of land area.

I had an excellent view of Babine Lake and the Granisle area. Over a relatively short period of time in the late evening and early a.m. (11pm – 2am), I noticed a light in one specific area – toward one end of Babine Lake (Granisle) but off to the side. This was a great distance away (50 - 100 miles approx.) and I used binoculars to have a closer look. As I was monitoring weather activity – very clear evening, I noticed one light that seemed to move in a systematic and grid-like pattern. My initial thought was this may be a logging truck on a road, or perhaps even a helicopter. But the pattern of movement did not fit was I was seeing – it was quick and sharp in its movement and seemed to repeat its course.

The next morning, I reported this to the Fire Control Office – I was told there was no road in that particular area, or anything going on – to their knowledge. This activity went on for a number of nights and I was always fascinated by it. I had a friend come up to witness to the activity – (personal information removed).

Of course this was roughly 15 years ago and I never thought too much of it until last night. Should you want to view the area – I would suggest taking a hike up to Cronin Mountain (Lookout Tower). While there, I’ve seen people on horses and ATV’s coming and going for day trips to view the area. This may prove to be useful to your research.

Thank you to the witness for the interesting report.

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