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The Inside Of The Witnesses Home Lit Up In A Flash Of Light At Abbotsford British Columbia

Date:  February 15, 2013
Time:  Around noon time.

Hi Brian, well, I don't know what the heck I saw, but I thought I had seen the flash of the same meteorite that hit Russia, but I'm in Abbotsford, B.C. so I don't know if that's even a possibility.

All I know is that I was standing in my kitchen, talking to my daughter, and all of a sudden my living room/dining room/kitchen area lit up for a brief second, as if the light was trying to come on, on it's own, except my kitchen light was already on.

I have only the one window in my living room, and the dining room and kitchen are in its path of light coming from outside. I'm in a low-rise building on the 4th floor. It was around noon on Friday (February 15, 2013) when this happened (pacific time).

At the time that it happened I had no clue about the asteroid and meteorite happenings, I only found out when my sister told me and then I turned on the news.

That's when it dawned on me that I might have seen the flash of the meteorite (or asteroid, but later I was told that it could not have been the asteroid, as it couldn't be seen by the naked eye).

But now, with all these other reports of meteor sightings, I don't know if I saw the flash of one of those or maybe Flash himself flying by, but I definitely saw something flashing brightly, I just don't know what, since I wasn't looking up at the sky. I wonder if others in the Lower Mainland have seen anything. Good thing my daughter was with me and saw it too, otherwise I would wonder if I was going crazy.

My daughter thought that maybe the sun was reflecting off of someone's windshield, but we live on the 4th floor, and that would not have reached all the way to the kitchen, which is not directly by the window.

Also, I found out that the asteroid past the Earth around noon, pacific time, about the time that we saw the flash of brightness. Could the asteroid have been reflecting the sun's rays into my kitchen as it whizzed by the Earth or something? And are my daughter and I the only ones who witnessed that brief brightness here in Abbotsford?

Hope you can help solve this puzzle. Thanks!

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