Sunday, March 17, 2013

Alien Abduction

Vike Factor Note: Movie Trailer. I had to post this, it had me laughing something awful, needed this today. Also, they are from Vancouver British Columbia.


When slacker Dave Duberinski suspects that all of his problems are due to a lifetime of alien abductions, he plots to abduct the alien who's been abducting him.

Not only does he discover that he's right about these otherworldly, nocturnal kidnappings, but also that the fate of the human race is being judged on how he has lived the first thirty years of his life.

Now with only four days left until the destruction of human kind on his thirtieth birthday, Dave must convince the aliens that his actions aside, humanity is worth saving.

From the executive producer of "Riese: Kingdom Falling" and the creators of "The Charlie Da Clown Show"