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Orange Lights/UFOs In The Sky Observed From Thornhill/Terrace British Columbia

Date:  April 27, 2014
Time:  12:17 a.m.

A few minutes ago, 12:17 a.m. I went outside with Cookie for a pee round. When I opened the door, which faces straight south, I seen in between the trees a bright orange light which was slowly moving in a west-northwest direction.

While walking down the 4 steps leading to my deck and looking at the object, I witnessed that the same stopped, until I was on the lawn!

At this moment I started to continue walking in the same direction with the same speed. I walked down my driveway towards the road, not leaving the object out of my view.

When I arrived at Kofoed Drive, roughly 45 meters from my place, I seen another orange object which was situated west of Thornhill mountain, southeast of my place, and was following the first object.

I followed both objects continuing in a west-northwest direction. Both objects moved without any sound until a siren, from an RCMP vehicle, could be heard in the distance.

The first object immediately disappeared from view after the siren first could be heard, while the second object vanished 2 seconds later.

The first object re-appeared as a white, round light a few seconds later and went slowly dim until invisible again.

This was the second time in my life involving an orange-colored UFO. First time this happened in 1986, when a craft flew below my garrison while I was checking sentries in my function of Officer of the Guard.

This particular UFO lit up all snow-covered roofs of Sonthofen before flying into a ravine of the Gruenten mountain, lighting up the snow-covered Conifer trees.

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