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3 To 9 Large Balls Of Light Moved In uniform And In A Triangular Movement Over Grouse Mountain North Vancouver British Columbia

Date:  July or August of 2013
Time:  Evening.

Hey Brian, a friend and I were on the roof of my apartment in Kits and we saw something identical to what was described in the report at this link:

9 UFOs Moved Triangular Formation Over Grouse Mountain, North Vancouver B.C.

I'm surprised you're one of the only accounts for these incidents. As described in your article we saw 3-9 lights if I remember correctly, move in physically defying fast speeds upwards and downwards in altitude.

They came and went right in front of you. At first we thought it was fireworks, but it couldn't have been as they would stay at the same latitude for a number of minutes.

Our incident happened sometime in the summer as that is when we would smoke cigars. The one in your article was sometime in December which was definitely not the case for us.

It's bugged me ever since and I decided to look in to it today-

Have you received any other stories of UFOs over Grouse Mountain?

Additional Information:

It must be July or August by my guesses. In terms of description, the one from the link I sent matches perfectly. In terms of specific date, I don't think I'd be able to provide it.

I tried looking through Twitter for UFO hash tags for Grouse and UFO, but came up empty handed.

The duration of the sighting must have been 40 minutes or so. I know what the chair lift lights look like, so it couldn't have been that. It was much higher up than where the Vancouver eye would have been.

The 3-9 balls of light were incredibly big especially at that distance as planes flying over head (the green and red lights on them) are barely visible.

Just as the guy described in the sighting, they moved in uniform and in a triangular movement ish, like 3 on the top layer and 6 below (I believe, this bit is a bit to foggy). I just remember the general concept of them being really aligned and then making a 2 layered shape.

The movements were quite incredible as it moved up and down. At points some would disappear, then they would reappear out of nowhere. I was reading people confusing Chinese lanterns, but the size would be astronomically big!

In terms of my health and mental state at the time, I have never done any drugs in my life except cigars. I barely drink and was not drinking at the time.

It's strange no one saw it on such a lovely night, it was perfectly clear and very hot outside. Those were the only conditions we would go smoke cigars on the roof! Especially when it was for such a log duration.

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