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Multiple Orange Lights Spotted Flying Over Kalamalka Lake Vernon British Columbia

Date:  December 31, 2014
Time:  Just before midnight.

Hi there, my friend and I were walking minutes before midnight on New Years eve of this year (a few days ago) and we came across multiple bright orange glowing orbs adorning the skies.

They were below the clouds and you could see a space between the lights and the clouds. There were no search lights shining up and no reflection of light beams from the ground.

They were not present upon the bottom of the clouds, but lower. They were right over our heads and made no noise. It moved unlike any plane or helicopter zigzagging.

My friend saw three from his vantage point in the trees, yet when I first spotted them there were at least five. My friend is a total skeptic yet when the last of the orbs vanished he told me he had never seen anything like that in his life and did not feel it was man made.

He stated he felt like he truly saw UFO's. The last orb hovered above us for about two minutes and I have not seen anything like that in my life.

It was not fireworks or a plane, jet or any other man made device. It was not lights shining up from the ground. Neither of us could find any explanation for what we saw.

As a person who has been abducted in the past, I know what my gut told me. These were vehicles of some sort from beyond our planet.

Thanks for the opportunity to write.

Additional Information:

Hi Brian, my apologies.  It was at Kal Park on the east side of Kalamalka lake.  The provincial park is right adjacent to Vernon, British Columbia.

Hope this helps.

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