Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bright Orange Red Light/Objects Flew Over Nanaimo Vancouver Island British Columbia

Date: December 31, 2015
Time:  9:30 p.m.

A. I stepped out onto my front sidewalk this evening for a cigarette.

B. As I looked to the sky directly north, I witnessed a bright orange/red object at around 60 degrees.

C. I observed and then it appeared to be high in the sky which and the sky was clear without any clouds. The moon was approximately a 3/4 moon.(not full) and was located roughly behind me.

D. The object I saw appeared to be roundish or slightly oval. It was not strobbing or flashing, just a constant color and very bright. It was moving in an easterly to northeasterly direction toward Vancouver, British Columbia area.

E. There was no sound and no jet trail even at its furthest point I watched it.

F. I watched this one object for about 30 seconds and looked ate the phone which was showing 21:30 to be the time.

G. I then quickly went into my home and called my mother from her room to come see this anomaly. We both arrived outside in approximately 40 seconds.

H. Once we arrived outside, the one object was still present, however two of the exact same looking objects were now also showing up from the same area of the first.

I. The second and third object were identical and behaved the same as the first, and resembled the first in all ways we noticed. The only difference was the two new objects were close to each other and further away from the first.

J. Their speeds were constant and they suddenly sped up and within 5 approximately seconds and all disappeared.

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