Thursday, September 25, 2014

The Vike Report - The Movie (UFOs)

Brian Vike’s (The Vike Factor) Note: Years ago a nice lady (Linda Moore) put together a “Vike Report Movie” for me with a lot of the video clips of objects I received over the years.

She did an excellent job with this. Since that time when the movie was put together, a lot of the clips showing unknown objects, are now explainable. Some are not.

In the video clip, it mentions HBCC UFO Research, which I started and operated for a number of years and I believe it was in 2009 I sold the 5 domain names to Bigelow Aerospace, an
Aerospace, a company in the United States.

Now I operate under The Vike Factor, and it still keeps me busy with UFO reports coming in daily. Here is where I can be found, along with a wealth of UFO sighting reports.
The Vike Factor:

The movie, “The Vike Report” can be found on YouTube at this following link:

Hope you enjoy the movie.

Brian Vike.
Canadian UFO investigator.