Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Houston British Columbia

Date:  September 21, 2014
Time:  Early afternoon.

On September 21, 2014 in the early afternoon my wife and I (Brian Vike) decided to take a drive around the outskirts of Houston, British Columbia because of the nice weather and the Fall colors are showing their beauty. Also my wife takes photos and makes really nice Victorian graphics out of them.

We were heading back to town and were just about to pass the road that runs into Bymac Park. The park is located a few miles outside of Houston and situated along the edge of the Morice River which has world class steelhead fishing river. People come from all around the world to fish on the Morice River.

Anyway, we drove into the park and noticed a lot of people who were camped and out fishing. We turned around and headed out of the park towards home, but when we were driving into the park, I noticed a lot of pretty plants, trees, etc., so on the way out we stopped at a number of spots and took a bunch of pictures.

My wife also took some pictures of me standing taking pictures of a colorful bush. After this, we did drive straight home. Once home, I decided to upload the pictures from my cell phone, which I did and that was that. Later that evening my wife decided to upload the pictures she took from the days drive, and once downloaded she turned the computer off.

As I mentioned above, my wife makes some nice graphics out of images and on Monday was slowly picking her way through the large number of pictures she took on Sunday. Finally she came to a picture which she took of me standing taking a pictures of a bunch of yellow leaves. It was in that picture she noticed something weird.

There is two pictures, both of me taking pictures of yellow leaves. In one photo everything looks normal, in the other one, it looks like a puff of smoke in the bush. It looks really cool actually.

Just a cool picture.

What it is, I think it is something to do with the camera, or reflection off the windshield as the picture was taken from inside the Jeep, or is it something else ? You decide ! I have not resized the pictures or done anything to them.

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