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Nakusp, British Columbia Lights - Humanoid Very Human Silhouettes And UFO Sightings

Posted: July 13, 2008

Date: Various. (2008)
Time: Various.

Location of Sighting: Various, usually outside, at a distance, but sometimes in the houses of my family or my house.
Number of witnesses: 1- more
Number of objects: 1
Shape of objects: Various, lights, humanoid, very human, silhouettes, sometimes full on , sometimes in peripheral vision, sometimes colored, usually black or "no color", sometimes just lights.

Full Description of event/sighting: This was about 2 winters ago (December 2006) about 6:00pm. I was driving down a hill towards home after work. The road was somewhat slippery. Suddenly there as a swirl of red, white and blue lights around me. I thought, "Oh, Oh! A policeman wants me to pull over for a sobriety test." It was a few days before Christmas. I thought it was a strange place to pull me over as there were no side roads or shoulder at this steep corner. I looked in the rearview mirror and saw no policeman. I looked for a house with Christmas lights-maybe. No house nearby. Then I thought, "I'm having a stroke." And I didn't want to go off the bank or into another car. I thought, "how can I be so lucid and calm if I'm having a stroke?".No panic, just a great desire to be safe. Got home and lived thru everything.

But then I was seeing things outside my peripheral vision. Grey things. Some my height, some small things. When I'd go to get a good look. They'd be gone. Just like that.

Then this spring 2008-end of March or beginning of April. I spent the night at my brothers' because of the snow storms we'd been having. Didn't want to risk driving home. Woke up at 10:00am. Everyone else had gone to work. Went to his kitchen nook and where the nook wall partition ends and the living room begins there was a young man standing with an electronic clipboard and stylus.

He was about 30ish, healthy, although he looked dusty, as if he was cooped up inside too much. He had curled brown hair, nicely cropped, and a beard nicely closely trimmed. He looked liked he was taking inventory. He had a clean, grey-purple-brown-blue plaid, long-sleeved shirt and a "watch"?, and grey-purple slacks, nicely pressed, and loafers? Everything looked new and tidy but faded.

I was slightly surprised but curious. He saw me without turning his face (he was slightly turned but frontal). He looked (one of those micro expressions)surprised and irritated. Then immediately disappeared. Not a poof! or a flash! just erased. Like an oops!

I kept walking to the stove but felt like I was stepping over a log or a child's toy or something.

I'm not technologically hip. So asked around and researched "electronic clipboard and stylus". Sure enough, there are such things. Used in medical research. Apparently they can interface with a computer from a distance. His was a cordless stylus type.

I've had terrifying -almost dreams- of things trying to come inside me. The crushing on the chest kind. The threatening kind. But also once it came as a cute kitten, soft and fluffy, walking up from the foot of my bed. Came up to my mouth and sniffed my nostrils and breath. That was pleasant. Then it tried to crawl into my mouth and that was awful. I have a belief in God and so I roused myself enough to call for help. That stopped it and stops the other kinds. Sometimes it comes in the form of a lover. But never completely to the point that I submit. Those dreams haven't happened for a long time. Many years.

I have had cats and loved cats all my life. Now for the past 4 years I am allergic to them. Their fur feels like steel wool.

About March 20?, 2008, I was doing dishes by my window and looking out at an almost clear blue sky. About 1-2pm. Across my vision horizon moved a shining cylindrical shape. It was bright with reflected light. At first I thought it was a jet. But it should have crossed the sky quicker. Then I thought it was a huge plane. But it had no wings. If it was that big (about half an inch to my vision) it should show some other features. And I should hear the engine. But it was silent. It seems there was no jet stream. or trail. And the way the reflection was it must have been catching the sun at a height because there was no bottom shadow.

I was facing north and the object moved left to right. It moved at a steady pace and took about a minute plus to clear my field of vision. The 'sonic boom' came after and sounded like it was way up. Not like an engine but like rolling thunder and went the length of the sky.

About 3 years ago I was having health issues and would go sit by the lake after work and let the water's lapping soothe me. I started seeing a silhouette come across the water towards me. It always looked like a business man. When I'd pay attention to it, it would disappear. I knew I wasn't crazy but wasn't 100 percent sure. It was always the same shape, same color. coming from the same direction-north. It wasn't sneaking up on me. But its like it couldn't maintain itself.

Before I went to school, I dreamt I was running through a burning house. Lots of doors. Every door opened to fire. No heat. Just a bright fire. One of my worst nightmares was a smooth milky way chocolate bar. It was stretching out before me. My parents couldn't understand it. We didn't have TV then. We lived in the sticks. Our culture wasn't one of gory stories. And we didn't go to town much. Why would a milky way chocolate bar terrify a child?

Last December? 2007. I was coming home about 8:00pm and there were clouds in the sky but there was a dark spot in the sky. Just west of the moon. It was a rectangular oval shape and covered a large portion of the sky. There were dark clouds with the moonlight outlining them but this wasn't black it was just dark. I kept wanting to look around it like you'd look around a person's head in a theatre. Then I tried to look at it and discern the shape and movement. Then it just wasn't there anymore.

3 years ago I was diagnosed with high barium, mercury, and other heavy metal poisoning. Through western medicine blood tests and naturopathic hair sample analysis. That may account for some of the peripheral visions or the flashing lights.

Once I "woke up" and was floating above my bed. A red light was trying to get me to go out the window. I was grabbing on to the mattress. My blankets were hanging down around me. I was scared but annoyed. Not again. I tried to rationalize that I was seeing the neighbors light on. But when I came to, their blinds were closed.

Once I had a blue man come to me and tell me horrible things. His name was Rama. I don't remember what he said but he was nasty.

My daughter would have nightmares where she'd walk around in a trance wringing her hands saying ask somebody who knows. My son loved to play in the shining dark at night. He said he'd see a little man peeking and waving at him from his bedroom door. Day or night.

My whole family has UFO sightings. My mother had experiences when she was pregnant with her last two children. That would be the mid 60's. She loved those experiences. My father saw things and said they were UFO's, but what that meant he couldn't explain. He had been in the military during WW11 but until just before he died he never told us anything of what he did. He said the war was over before he finished his training. Now we know that wasn't true. He still never told us exactly what it was he did but it was experimental stuff. He received a much bigger vets pension than anyone I know.

There were frequent lights in the sky. The whole village used to watch them. Dad said they came to one mountain top because that mountain had beryllium and titanium and other "sputnik" satellite metals in it.

You could use this info, if any of it helps. But don't divulge my name or particulars to anyone. I don't want to talk on the radio or anything.

Hope this doesn't bore you.

Thank you to the witness for the report.

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