Sunday, January 12, 2014

File Your British Columbia And Yukon UFO Sightings To UFO*BC

Since I, Brian Vike am not investigating UFO sightings anymore I made arrangements to have others look into the sightings that still come into me.

There is an excellent UFO group called UFO*BC which looks into/investigates UFO sightings for the province of British Columbia, Canada and the Yukon only.

The fellows have years of experience dealing with the unknown and would appreciate receiving any sighting reports for these two areas.

You can find UFO*BC’s website at and they have a online sighting report form you can use to file your experience to them, this can be found at:

Also click on the UFO*BC’s image below which takes you directly to their website.

Folks reporting other UFO sightings for the rest of Canada should file these to Chris Rutkowski at: Ufology Research of Manitoba