Sunday, February 10, 2013

UFO Freaked Witnesses Right Out As The Craft Hovered About 9 Feet From Their Vehicle Near Campbell River British Columbia

Date:  2009
Time:  Evening.

Hello, my name is (name removed), I had an incredible experience in 2009 in Campbell River B.C. on the new Island highway.

Me and my best friend we're driving home one evening from Naniamo, we were near Campbell River when we both noticed two lights up in the distance that looked like car lights, it almost looked like there was a car driving down the side of a mountain.

We both didn't think anything of it at the time, we both just thought it was a car and were confused as to when they built a highway in the mountains, (as we told each other after the event).

We continued talking and listening to music. All of a sudden the lights got closer to us and within seconds a massive object as big as a car was floating over my vehicle. It was a large metal structure with two lights that almost looked like blue glowing eyes.

There was an orange glow in the middle of the object. On the sides of this structure were long extended arm like structures. They were shaped as if they were scooping towards us.

This object was hovering in front over my vehicle at about 9 feet. The music in my car shut off completely, it was as if everything shut off including my car. I was no longer paying attention to the road as me and my friend didn't speak being memorized by this thing.

This encounter lasted a total of about 10 to 15 seconds when my girlfriend yelled, "what the heck”. The object then was gone in an instant.

I was all of a sudden driving going 110 km down the highway, my friend turned around to look behind her and saw the object moving very fast in a zig zag motion.

We turned the corner onto Ham road in absolute shock screaming and yelling in disbelief. As we tuned the corner the object stood still in the distance the size of a pea as if it was watching us leave.

Freaked right out, I got into the old highway and pulled over calling my mom trying to explain what we had just saw.

This was the most incredible, scariest and unbelievable moment in my life. I still think about it to this day and still can't believe what I saw. Me and my friend didn't tell a whole lot of people, but that night we got home we did call the police not knowing what else to do.

They didn't have much to say about this obviously. Anyway that is my story. I thought

I would share it with you. Thank you.

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