Sunday, April 5, 2009

Penticton, British Columbia A Large Bright Light

Posted: April 5, 2009

Date: August 2008
Time: Evening.

Hi Brian, further to my previous e-mail of last summer, our sightings continue to occur.

Only weeks later in August, about the same time of night, my daughter and her girlfriend were in the back yard one night jokingly "watching for UFOs". Never thinking we would actually see something, we all sat together visiting and watching the sky. No more than 1/2 hour later, I pointed to the sky and said - What is that? We all turned and watched a large bright object off towards the mountains West of Penticton. It looked like a very, very bright planet, like three to four times the size of say Venus. It began to rise slowly in the sky. After a bit it started to alternate course, starting to veer to the left and up. As it altered course its brightness dimmed and dimmed and after a few more seconds the light went out completely. We saw nothing else. The sighting lasted about 10 to twenty seconds

There we all stood with our mouths hanging open and my daughter with her camera in her hand, who then said "I guess I should have recorded that!" A few weeks ago my daughter advised me that she witnessed a similar sighting again.

I must say, as unsettling as this all is, it was nice to have two witnesses to the whole event the second time. My daughter's girlfriend now believes her father when he tells her that he has been seeing thinks in the sky. I have also since learned from my family that my grand father, who lived in the Okanagan from most of his life, had been sighting UFOs decades ago. Anyways, I find it all very interesting and thought I would drop you another quick e-mail.

Thank you to the witness for their sighting report.

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